How to apply for Google plus api notifications

When Google launched it’s Google+ beta, it did so without exposing an api to developers.

Given that the site is yet to fully launch and core changes to the site are still probable, we’re certainly not saying this was a bad idea. However for the future, Google will know that creating a platform for developers to build on is a necessity for creating stickiness and building user participation in their new social venture.
Obvious examples of where social networking APIs have helped the social networks are the huge success of casual social gaming on Facebook, and the boost to the early proliferation of Twitter enabled by 3rd party developers creating clients for a broad spectrum of user devices.

For now, Google has uploaded a form where prospective future developers can sign up to be notified of updates on the platform.

My favourite part of the form is the introduction :

To stay updated as the Google+ project develops and get a heads up when we have more details to share about Google+ developer opportunities, sign up here. Your email will be added to a Google group. In addition, we’d love to gather more information about you.

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